We'll sleep when we're dead.

From people to places to assets, when it comes to securing your livelihood, you deserve only the best. Veteran owned and operated, Tri-Bolt proudly employs highly trained veteran military and law enforcement officers. Through intelligence, security operations, and training, we provide the most observant, effective, and professionally assertive team to serve as the eyes and ears of your organization. Forever vigilant, savvy, and fit, Tri-Bolt is raising the bar for security and intelligence worldwide.

Train like you fight.

Tri-Bolt Founder and CEO David Marrero has created an organization that provides unparalleled security and intelligence services from the best of the best - veteran military and law enforcement officers.  Drawing from his experience as a Human Intelligence Collector/Interrogator for Army Special Forces during combat tours in Iraq, a Senior Counterintelligence Support Specialist in Afghanistan in support to NATO/US operations, and strategic counterintelligence missions in Asia, David heads a team of vigilant, intelligent, and effective professionals that set Tri-Bolt apart from every other security company in the business. In addition to leading Tri-Bolt's "boots on ground" crew, David holds a BA in Intelligence Studies and is a licensed Wisconsin Private Detective.