Protective Services

You wouldn't want to skydive with the cheapest parachute would you? How about take a flight with a pilot who learned to fly on simulators and never in an actual cockpit? Then why would you want a Personal Security Detail that has minimal if any, field experience?

At Tri bolt we employ veterans with all aspects of protection experience. Our teams are comprised of personnel who have provided protective services both domestically and abroad in combat zones. Tri-Bolt offers only professional, fit, operationally experienced Protective Teams. Our Teams are 100% former military and law-enforcement personal with actual training and combat experience. More importantly we employ a highly trained staff who can develop rest vulnerability assessments to design the protection best suited to the mission and the potential threat. We don't give cookie cutter contracts or protection, we provide customized, adaptable, and highly trained teams who can blend in when needed and respond with speed, surprise, and violence of action when necessary. Let Tri-bolt give you the protection you need, when you need it.

Don't hire a security company who hasn't been proven.

Experience the Tri-Bolt difference.

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