Background Screening

It all starts with the decision. The decision to ensure your business employs the very best and most trustworthy candidate. The integrity of your business depends on the people who represent your company, your brand, your product and most importantly, you. At Tri-Bolt, we believe in providing our clientele the very best in intelligence products at an amazing value.

Background Checks are the starting point for any candidate you may consider for employment. Tri-Bolt offers you an innovative solution to protect you as your company grows. How does that differ from other providers?

Deconstructing The Background Check

Our competitors often use databases like Equifax, Spokeo, PeopleFinder to collect and report information to their clients. Utilizing these methods can only give the client a small, outdated amount of data. These types of checks can omit important information that could result in inadvertently exposing your company to risks.

A Tri-Bolt background check was designed by former U.S. Military Intelligence Personnel and based on the very same background checks used in vetting foreign nationals who are employed on NATO bases worldwide.

Our formula has been tested, and proven successful. It is designed to provide you the most accurate and timely information possible. The Tri-Bolt difference is the quality, accuracy, and value of our intelligence products.