Tri-Bolt is a private intelligence and security firm offering a variety of services custom created to meet our client's needs. From Private Intelligence Services, Firearms Training, Consulting and Tactical Multi-Function Teams, we strive to employ only our nation's most proven experts in the field.

ServicesSite Services and Security. By providing a staff of highly trained, fit, and professional armed protective officers, we can augment or provide total coverage to your company's headquarters and even your work site. We can provide a Site Security Officer to monitor and assess your current security procedures and assets.

Tri-Bolt employs a variety of technical experts to assist you in the creation of a Site Security Plan. From controlled access plans, iris scanners to CCTV monitoring systems, we can meet your security goals with your budget in mind. Threat Vulnerability Assessments or TVA's are our way of showing you just how easy it could be for the unthinkable to occur in your workplace. From product theft to financial threats, we employ the experts to assist in investigations, mitigation and prevention.

ServicesPersonnel. We understand the only way to be successful is to employ the very best employees. You strive to produce the best product, you work hard implementing your ideas, and you want the best representation for your business and products. Your employees are the face of your business and our goal is to keep them safe.

We provide workplace-training seminars to better prepare your staff for the unthinkable. From Active Shooter Training to basic security plans, we can assist. Providing your employees with awareness training keeps them safe while in the office and at home, protecting your investment and personnel secure. Violence in the workplace is becoming more prevalent in our world today. Let our Subject Matter Experts or SME's provide you and your staff a comprehensive plan to mitigate such threats. Active Shooters are becoming very real treat in America today. Let our SME train and develop your workforce so that you can prevent and mitigate the unthinkable. Background Investigations for your secure workplace is an important aspect of keeping your business secure.

ServicesTri-Bolt is your professional solution when it comes to background checks. Our secure portal allows you to manage corporate background checks with ease. This is all done over an encrypted network to secure your employees or potential employees personal information.